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Home Assistant & Concierge
  • Organization and declutter
  • Artwork consultancy
  • Individual furniture selections 
  • Design-to-go 
  • Specialty cleaning services 
  • Vacation home/vacation rental management 
  • Home assistant and concierge 
  • Individual rooms
  • Entire residences
  • Bathroom remodeling
  • Kitchen remodeling
  • Decoration and Styling
  • Installation management
  • Paint color consultations
  • Design to-go
  • Refresh existing furnishings
  • Supplement existing furnishings
  • Refinish furnishings
  • Artwork advisory
  • Custom artwork
  • Bespoke furniture
  • Custom millwork design
  • Custom patterns and textiles
  • Site specific graphics 
  • Wall murals


Jake Wittrock Creative Studio is an art, design and creative strategy consultancy specializing in interior design, design project management, and creative consulting for small businesses and the hospitality industry. The studio generates exceptional results tailored to each client’s unique needs through a collaborative process.


Collaborative Development


Design is not for the faint of heart and most people simply are not prepared to handle the amount of work that goes into a successful project. Timelines, budgets, people skills, negotiations, measurements, electrical plans, HVAC, plumbing, contractors, subcontractors, project management, selections, tradesmen, shipments, deliveries, and customer service are just a few of the many moving parts of a great plan that needs to be managed.


Jake Wittrock Creative Studio uses a “collaborative development procedure”, which means that project details and financials will be planned to the best ability in advance, while making concurrent arrangements for handling unexpected challenges, change orders and on-the-fly decisions that are inevitable, and dare we say, required, for the success of any creative project.

Design Approach


The Interview process will be a collaborative series of meetings and conversations aimed at learning about the client, identifying their needs, developing a clear scope of work, defining roles and responsibilities, organizing a list of deliverables, discussing financials, and projecting unforeseen challenges.


Following the interview process is our design stage. During this step, the designer will spend time brainstorming, researching and conceptualizing your design strategy. This will also include making selections and creating design presentation boards with sketches and renderings to illustrate design concepts.


Presentations will occur throughout the design process. Your designer will schedule presentations to communicate and share their ideas to collaborate, edit, and evolve them with you. Through multiple iterations and collaborations the design program will be refined so that a final design can be agreed upon.


Once your design is settled, additional planning will take place to organize and confirm details, engineer custom elements, hire and delegate tradespeople and make arrangements for the perfect implementation.


To execute the design, some clients choose to participate themselves, and others choose to have their designer manage, coordinate, and install the entire project.


The review process occurs at the end. Walkthroughs will be scheduled to tackle all remaining punch list items. When perfection is achieved, we will style and photograph the design before discussing a maintenance plan to ensure its integrity over time.

Design Tools Used


  • 3D computer renderings of proposed design work
  • Computer generated floor plans and elevations with dimensions when needed
  • Hand drawings and sketches
  • Design presentation boards with fabric samples, photos, and layout
  • Design binders






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